the (on-air) school
for modern mystics 

Fridays 7-10p EST WURD

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the (on-air) school
for modern mystics

Fridays 7-10p EST WURD

Sign up for weekly StarsNotes from the WuWu Metaphysical studio, clips from our chats with our resident Deans and Fellows, get the #shiftprompt and starlabus the day before class AND the latest episodes of BlkArtistory 365, AND, AND a special surprise gift–right in your inbox. Bc. We LOVE you.

The time is now

Hi SOUL, hi. You’re here! Lovianhal! We’ve been waiting for you Star fam! You have no idea…

So. You want to know a lil more about Star Folk U and The Envy McKee Show, yes? Cool, cool.

Officially? The Envy McKee Show is a weekly (Friday Night, 7p EST) show that airs on WURD radio (96.1 FM) in Philly (that’s our first station hunny, but not our last, K.) It’s hosted by Envy McKee (and also Dj Frosty Phenix and Martin the Sha-man). We have upleveled progressive conversations with a cute tribe of Star People (Modern Mystics) who show up as life explorers, thought leaders, metaphysicists, visionaries, imagineers, intuitives, psychics, shamans and idea tinkerers who are here to birth The Beloved Community in themselves and on planet Earth (deep right?).

We do such things in a safe space that we call The WuWu Metaphysical Studio *snaps*. Whilst in said studio, WE (try to) understand that we can only have what we are willing to become. And so (we do our very best to) explore current events through the lens of spiritual literacy.

We do this:
through our monthly #shiftprompt that shifts, as we do, every month.
by seeing and exploring our lives as works of art.
by embracing and celebrating the mystical and metaphysical in everything—which we call “WuWu”.
by engaging each other through fun, lively, upleveled, progressive conversation.
We embrace progress over perfection.

The idea is to cultivate and articulate the vision of and promote the infinite possibilities for The
Beloved Community—a kind and just global society that works for everyone. Our platform is a
safe space for Star People (that’s you hunny) who are waking up and leaning into their spiritual
journey. Our mission is wholeness of mind, heart, body, spirit, relationship and ecosystem.
Our motto is: “In WuWu we trust”. Cool?


Your modern mystic education begins here:

Star Folk U offers on air classes every Friday Night 7-10p on 96.1 FM WURD and the FB Live. Whether you’re just “waking up” or setting your sights on physically birthing The Beloved Community as your life–a Star Folk U stargree can help you make The New Earth a reality. Choose from over an infinite stargree programs like:
“The Art of Being…”:, L.O.V.E. (Living Our Vision Everyday), The Altar, Fertile Soil, The Beloved Community, Whole, Divine Purpose, Truly Abundant, Prosperous and more…

Ever wonder why Blk history–which is world history btw– is always and mostly only celebrated during February’s short self? We did too… and then went on ahead and created the world’s first Star People (audio and soon video) Encyclopedia (Artsclopaedia StarPeopleia). We call such things BlkArtistory 365 and in this series we highlight Blk Artists of all genre, their artistry and the living history that is Black (ehem Blk) History. And Star People. Hunny. We’re on Season 2. You’re welcome.

It started with a book. And then a spiritual journey. Now there are 4 books and thousands and
potentially millions of spiritual journeys happening as one… in the Stellar Series. The Stellar
Trilogy reps chakras (ahem) Books 1-3 and Book 4 is the beginning of something new…The Stellar Universe. The Stellar Series is core StarWERK. Oh, you didn’t know? Star Folk U is litty. You can rep your U and get swag too!

Meet your SFU founder

Envy McKee

A creative powerhouse, Envy has been writing, hosting and producing award winning content for radio, tv, print and the web in the Philadelphia Metro Area for well over 15 years. She is an award-winning veteran of both music format Radio ONE and talk radio’s ICBC and LEVAS Communications, and regional TV’s Good Day Philadelphia as a regular contributor. Envy’s range in all forms of relevant media is proven – from hosting 14 radio, television and web shows…

to her entrepreneurship in publishing and voice overs
to finding engaging ways to balance branding through social media with living an
actualized, spirit-centered life—with style. She is a details driven media pro specializing
in personality, spiritual literacy, authenticity and Star People.

Want to know more?

Random facts about e…

Graduated from the real HU–Hampton University
Envy actually means– “to see into”
Bonafide tree hugger
Hosts The Envy McKee Show
Wrote 4 books about Star People that serves as the foundation of Star Folk U (check out The Stellar Series!)
Created three whole languages rooted in love + light (Lovianhal boo! Check out The Stellar Series!)
LOVES Blk Art + Artistry (check out BlkArtistory 365!)

Trusts “the WuWu”
Hosts a dope Book Club called The WuWu Metaphysical Book Club
Shares vegan-ish recipes, the food we’re growing and homeopathic farm-ish stuff on the IG show page Starpeople-ish
Is dedicated to reframing the conversations we keep having with ourselves
Knows the truth, truth– Utterly EVERYTHING is Spiritual
Also, L.O.V.E is All

you ready? come get free.


“Attending On Air Class at Starfolk University is such an eye opening experience for me. I get to interact and learn with other like minded individuals as myself, even if we all don’t have similar interests. In just about every class, the courseWERK solidifies my thoughts on my place in the universe. Another fun fact is that every new student drops some knowledge on us that even the teacher might not have been aware of. I LOVE that the teacher is so inclusive as far as peer to peer interaction…you could even say we all get the experience to BE the teachers in this course. I LOOOOOVE MY STARFOLK U!!”

– DJ Frosty Phenix, Producer, Dean of On Air Music
Fellowship (and Keeping the “Ship” Together)

“The Envy McKee Show (TEMS) is a unique gift to Philadelphians {as the saying goes If You Win Philadelphia you won America}…It gives me and the listening audience license to dream about creating a world that I want to get up early and be an engaged active resident.”

– Martin the Sha-man, Co-host, Dean of Questions and Healthy Skepticism

“TEMS and Starfolk U is the spiritual journey and experience I needed, but the last place I expected to be. Unpacking my starting point and where I am today at Starfolk U has become a blueprint for my life, or one might even say, “Star print” for life complete with StarsNotes. And the StarsNotes are unlike anything else–the constant reminder to dare to imagine and to be bold and unapologetic, yet compassionate and forward and upward looking. No pen or paper required, just your presence.”

– Dr. Ajima Olaghere, Asst. Professor, Dean of Spiritual Inquiry

“The Envy McKee Show is a portal that transports us to a higher way of experiencing the world we live in. The topics and discussions allow me, as a contributor, to go deeper into ideas that show up in our everyday lives. Dropping into the energy field in Philly, from Los Angeles, I’m reminded of how all are connected. Each show is an opportunity to engage that connection and bring into manifestation a more expansive experience of life. The show really is the gift that keeps on giving. Long after the show airs, I remember an idea and/or concept (from the show) that stays with me.”

– Jason Mitchell, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Dean of Spiritual Literacy

“I’m here for the (vegan) supreme pizza from Slice… The incredible conversations we have each week and how #TEMS always seems to mirror what’s either happening or going to happen in the world. It’s cray. We’re creating living spiritual tools that are powerful and important and vital to have in our spiritual arsenals as the coming world manifests. Also, it’s fun.”

– Envy McKee, Quairu, Host, etc.


Want to get in touch? Just want to say hey? Have an idea for a #shiftprompt or a future show? Want to partner with us? Buy bulk books or swag? Want to book Envy and/or The WuWu Core Crew for an event? Sponsor an episode of BlkArtistory365? Advertise your Star Fam brand on The Envy McKee Show? Send us a note. We LOVE hearing from you!

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